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Welcome to my website! And if like me you have an affinity with lighthouses then please feel free to browse through the website and discover my unique creations. All have been lovingly made with natural materials which include a variety of clays such as special stonewares,white earthenwares, red earthenwares. All types of wood such as pine, ash & oak. Other materials include glass, paper, and metals such as aluminium, brass, tin, mild steel and bronze. Artificial components are sometimes used as in plastic and transparency film.

My original pieces were fictitious and experimental as Its been my intention to perfect the many textures, paint effects of the fantastic lighthouses from around the World.

I now embark upon creating replica lighthouses from drawings, photographs that I have obtained on my travels. Each unique piece has taken weeks and even months to complete but as just in people each one has a character of their own.

These special lighthouses are for sale and come supplied with authentic 9 volt light flash. It is possible to create the same flash duration/durations as with real world lighthouses. Ac adapters are also included according to your Country.



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