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Here are some of my finished working model lighthouses and you can click on them to find the thoughts and reasons behind making them. The stars indicate a replica version of a real life lighthouse and the badged images are of what I call ‘Compassion’ lighthouses where its been made for a cause such as people suffering from cancer or other life threatening illnesses’! These have been made as a symbol of ‘STRENGTH’ in adversity, ‘GUIDANCE’, and ‘HOPE’.

These working model lighthouses can take weeks, months and even years to complete however you may wish to follow the progress of projects under construction in my workshop?
Some of these will be for sale and added to the online shop when completed. Be sure to follow my web blog on any news and subscribe. It will be great to chat with you over the development of my lighthouses and my techniques as I’m going along.

Soon I will update this area with my latest pieces but if you are a Facebook user there is a more frequently used page for my progressions …click here