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I met Mark whilst we were both training at Guys Hospital medical school in London. We both originated from Swansea and were introduced on that basis. First impression was nice bloke, second meeting I was hooked. It just worked very well. We married in

October 1988 and settled in Cardiff as GPs (after a bit of training lol). Owen was born in 1992 and Beth in 1994 and all seemed set fair.

In early 1996 Mark developed back pain which got steadily more severe and was told it was arthritis. He lost weight and looked dreadful but continued to work. He was diagnosed with Ewing's sarcoma in August 1996 which is a rare Bone cancer which normally affects children and young adults. One year of chemotherapy and a major operation later we were given prognosis of 60% five year survival. Unfortunately the cancer returned after six months and Mark died on 29th July 1998.

Mark was gentle, loving, kind, brave and the funniest person that I have ever met. His Christian faith was deep and sustaining and he inspired so many people during his journey. He was my best friend and tried so hard to stay with us.

I could tell you of so many people who touched our lives during his illness but the last two weeks that he spent in Holme Tower hospice in Penarth was so peaceful and gave us an opportunity to be quiet together and say goodbye.

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